Love is in the air!

“The 14th of Feb fast approaches and soon love will be all around,
that special time, time to woo and dine, that special love you’ve found.

The last thing you’ll need is a flood at home to dampen your romantic night,
as you leave the scene to mop up, count the cost and have that insurance fight.

PPS can help you keep your date and avoid this unwanted situation,
so let us service and maintain for you, a reliable pumping station.”

Sign up to one of our direct debit service plans and receive 10% off each monthly payment + your first service free of charge!

Here’s how it works… sign up to one of our direct debit service plans and receive 10% off your monthly payments for the entire length of your plan! Simply enter the promo code BEMYVALENTINE on our signup form here……/service-plans/direct-debit/

Standard T&C’s apply. Prices for service plans will be calculated on an individual basis (site specific). Your first service will be charged for and refunded after the first direct debit payment is taken from your account. Refund of the first service will be at Packaged Pump System’s discretion based on individual circumstances. 10% is deducted based on the inclusive of VAT price i.e. £52.00 per month Standard Plan = £46.80 with 10% discount applied. Discount will be applied to each monthly payment for the length of your plan only. Service plans have a minimum contract length of 24 months. Offer is valid until 13th February 2019.

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